Full Power Cannabis is a top tier family-owned cannabis company. Our first dispensary Full Power Cannabis is in west Edmond Oklahoma and our cultivation facility is located in the heart of Oklahoma City. Owned and operated by life long small business owners, we pride ourselves on high quality products and impeccable customer service.

Not only does Full Power Industries provide the most elite medical marijuana in the Oklahoma market, but Full Power Cannabis Dispensary offers it direct to patients at the best possible price. It is our goal to provide our partner dispensaries with high quality lab tested flower on a consistent basis. We have a strategic harvest schedule, numerous different strains, and our research and development team is always working to provide dispensaries and consumers with the latest and greatest top shelf cannabis at a reasonable price. We are fully dedicated to working with our dispensary customers and product consumers alike.

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Crafted Growing

Years of experience in growing cannabis has lead us to create and understand low stress growing processes that simply make our products better.

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Lab Tested Products

All of our products undergo precision lab testing to bring you exactly what is advertised in our network of distributors.

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Maximum Power

Our products are formulated to achieve the highest quality in over 30 premium strains to help meet your cannabis needs.

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