How do you like to medicate?

By Denise Fuchs

Do you prefer to keep it classic? I do, and there’s nothing like a good old classic joint.

Get set up, grab your most amazing flower, perhaps some Full Power Midnight or Bosscotti? Grab your grinder, and that book you’ve been meaning to read. While grinding up your flower, you’re thinking about how your day is and how ready to you are to enjoy that fine chronic. I often think while rolling, is this going to be the best joint I have ever rolled? Going in with that mindset, it surely has to be. Grinding up the bud, making sure there are no stems to pop through the paper, only wanting the finest of the flower in your J. Once you have that perfect consistency you are looking for, you pull out your papers. Hearing the crisp sound of the paper as it’s pulled from the box. Ah, yes my favorite time! Folding up a side of the paper to make sure you have a nice bed for the flower to lay in before you roll up it. Grab that flower and add it to the paper… after you have laid it perfectly, its time to roll! Starting in the middle is my preference, that way the outsides are not too skinny and uneven. You gotta roll it out so all parts of the joint are even, lick that paper and slap it together! Ahhhh, yes it is the best joint rolled to date!

Fuck, where is my damn lighter!?! The never ending joy, hunting down the lighter. I always tell myself I will leave it with the papers and weed for next time but once I start smoking I tend to get sidetracked with other things. Sometimes I put the lighter in my pocket, let someone borrow it, take it to another room, leave it somewhere…..or maybe it’s the infamous lighter thief.  You get the point as I’m sure I am not alone in this constant battle. Ok, I found a lighter! Light it up, take a hit, yep today I will slay the day! 

Happy smoking my dope friends. Smile, laugh, enjoy your day. Of course, make it a dope day!