Did we hear that correct? A cannabis culture in Oklahoma? One of the most conservative states that has notoriously been known for locking people up for simple possession of cannabis now is the mecca of weed! Cultivators, retail managers, cannabis processors, trimmers, the whole industry in the US flocked to Oklahoma after the passing of SQ 788. 

With the states new laws, many are seeing the opportunity as more than just a new medicinal avenue, but a business avenue. It’s no secret that cannabis brings a lot of business, jobs, and money to wherever it becomes legal, medical or otherwise, so it should come as no surprise that people in an agricultural state like Oklahoma would jump on the opportunity to start growing cannabis.

Compared to Colorado, California, Nevada, New York and other more populated states that have legalized cannabis, Oklahoma is pretty small.  Oklahoma City has a population of about 650,000, with the next biggest city, Tulsa, having just over 400,000. Even with big city hubs, Oklahoma is still pretty rural. 

Oklahoma is different though; Cannabis was in the state long before many surrounding states, but it was suppressed by the government. When the laws changed and people were no longer running a risk of prison time for medicating, the true culture started pouring out. Oklahoma definitely has some of the largest and most wild cannabis events in the world. We love to partake in these events like The Sesh, CannaCon, HighTimes Cannabis Cup, Cowboy Cup, and ChronicPalooza. As founder of Full Power Cannabis, It would be safe to say I have seen a lot of different cannabis cultures in my 17 years in the business, and it would also be safe to say the cannabis culture in Oklahoma is stronger and runs deeper than anywhere I have ever seen. Oklahomans are changing the way cannabis is perceived in the mid-west, and we are blessed to be a part of the culture that is making a difference. 

See you at the next event!